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Shannon is Christmas Wish List

When it comes to Christmas I typically have a few things I’d love to have, but I rarely consider myself one to have a wish list. However, this year, there are a few things that I would absolutely love to have. So, whether any of these things are given to me or I end up getting them for myself, I am pretty sure I am going to make everything on my list mine!

1. Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive 120 Pumps: I have been dying to get a pair of Louboutins for a few years now. Since I need to start my collection, I want a pair like these: classic, timeless, and sexy! Buy through Net-a-Porter for $835.

2. Apple iPod nano: Every morning, before I start my day, I go for a run or a walk. I’ve had several iPods before, but it is totally time for an upgrade. In fact,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, I don’t just need an upgrade, I need an iPod. I lost the last one I had and now I run without one. Furthermore, a cool new iPod would be great for traveling. Buy through Apple for $149.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Classic Q Shoulder Bag: Earlier this month I was checking out my handbag collection and saw a few areas I would like to beef up a bit,
Valentino Handbags for Women. I need a bit more color in my collection and I want something that is as versatile and durable,
Red Valentino Shoes. I can always count on Marc Jacobs and that is why I would love to call this bag mine. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $330.

4. J. Crew Cashmere Ribbed Shawl Popover: It doesn’t matter what kind of climate I live in, I love sweaters and I can find a use for them throughout the year. I love this J. Crew Cashmere sweater. Why? Well, hello, it is cashmere. Yet, more than that, pink is a color I like to add to my wardrobe. It is the kind of color that can soften an outfit or add just the right touch of color. Buy through J. Crew for $218.

5. Ohio State T-Shirt: Like Megs and Vlad, I too went to Ohio State. And for any of you who are die hard devotees to your Alma Mater you know that you can never have too many items that broadcast your school. In case there are other fellow Buckeyes out there, you can get this t-shirt through Buckeye Corner for $29.95.

6. Dior Limited Edition Vernis Black Sequins: I am all about the dark nail polish craze right now. With New Year’s Even quickly approaching,
Valentino Shoes Replica, I would totally paint my nails with this limited edition black nail polish. Well, not just black, it actually has sparkle in it. Obviously you can’t go wrong! Buy through Sephora for $20.


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Prada Napa Chevron Antic Handbag

The Prada fall 2006 line has two aspects that are a given. First,
Valentino Shoes Replica, these bags are hot hot hot. And second,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, the bags are pricey- most ranging above $2,000. So many of these bags have made it on to my want list. Adding a textured leather, the Prada Napa Chevron Antic Handbag is made with brown quilted napa leather and golden hardware. The quilted pattern on this bag gives a very interesting outer appearance. While this picture makes the bag look plastic to me,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, I’ve seen it in person and it flows perfectly. The woven top handles have rings along with a detachable ID tag and zip top closure. Measurements are 9 4/5″H x 14 1/2″W x 6 1/2″D. Buy it via Saks for $2,200.

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Yves Saint Laurent Satin Ribbon Clutch

Are you starting to plan for this year’s holiday parties yet? Yeah,
Discount Valentino Handbags, me neither. However, if you are,
Valentino Shoes Replica, I think I’ve found a clutch you might like. Yes, I was without a doubt a bit speechless when I came across the Yves Saint Laurent Satin Ribbon Clutch. I’m sure you’ve picked up on my handbag two-step thought process. Step one, do I like it? Step two, where will I wear it? I don’t attend copious amounts of galas so for the life of me I can’t think where I’d carry this clutch during the Spring and Summer months. Can you?

Well, forget about the event, let’s focus on the bag itself. Black satin and velvet swirl together to create this clutch. Apparently there is some goldtone hardware somewhere on this bag, but it is hard to see with so much else going on. The bow is eh. I think the clutch could actually be just fine without it yet isn’t totally ruined with it. Frankly, this clutch isn’t like many other evening bags I’ve seen and this makes me like it even more. So,
Valentino Handbags for Women, if you are stocking up for this year’s holiday season (t-minus 6ish months) then this might be an option. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1530.

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Proenza Schouler is Pre Fall 2010 accessories are totally hot

Proenza Schouler may still be a relatively small company, but their clothes and accessories are making some enormous waves. I could wax poetic for paragraph upon paragraph about how much I love the acid yellow and black tie-dye that they did for Spring/Summer 2010, but I’m going to try very hard to stay on topic in this post. Bear with me.

Proenza Schouler just released images of their Pre Fall 2010 accessories on their website on Wednesday,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, and I’m kind of in love. My favorite is the black PS1 Tote that you see to the right,
Valentino Shoes for Women, but the leather take on a brown grocery bag is pretty clever as well. The line also includes an alpine knit PS1 Clutch, which mirrors several sweaters from the brand’s Pre-Fall Ready-to-Wear collection. Pictures of all three bags are after the jump which is your favorite?

Pricing information is not yet available. Images via ProenzaSchouler,
Cheap Valentino Women’s

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Prada Nappa S Satchel

Prada Nappa S Satchel

The lacy Prada Pizzo S Satchel was looked at and disguarded by many. But me? I actually was drawn to the handbag. Why exactly, I do not know. Sure it is ornate, over-done,
Valentino Shoes for Women, but somehow,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, it is this beautiful piece of lace on a handbag that captivates me. My simple style sees this as a dress-up accessory. And in South Florida, where jeans and heels make the perfect evening wear,
Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, this Prada bag is the perfect pick-me-up.

But of course there were those of you that were not impressed with the lace, and in fact wanted to take scissors to the lace and trim it up. Was it just the shape of the ‘extra’ material that irked you? Or would you like the bag with leather? Maybe Prada thought they could meet your fancy too, with the Prada Nappa S Satchel, which nixes the lace and brings in luscious Nappa leather. This bag’s ruching detail on the side will still either be loved or hated. There are top handles and a zip closure. While it is available in black, the metallic oak is much more impressive to me. But if I had my choice, I would stick with the quirky lace version. Buy the Nappa version through Saks for $1,920.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

9.22.08 IN

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Tod is D-Styling Bauletto Medio

Be still my beating heart,
Valentino Handbags for Women, be still.

Ok, now that I’ve calmed down a bit,
Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, it is no secret that here are PurseBlog, we are fans of Tod’s handbags. I for one continue to fall in love with Tod’s bags almost every single time I see one. And while I *should* be able to show some restraint, I always have to take a deep breath before I walk into a Tod’s store. Why you ask? Well, because I need to show composure so I don’t simply whip out my credit card and do some damage, like, some serious damage. Whether I am in a store or simply doing some online shopping,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, I am about to whip out my credit card for this bag.

The Tod’s D-Styling Baulette Medio does not disappoint. The downright gorgeous red leather caught my attention and for all the right reasons. In typical D-line fashion, the double top handles are sturdy and fabulous. There is a long messenger strap which would add to the the flow of the bag. I can see myself carrying this bag in hand while the messenger strap drapes down a bit simply garnering more positive attention. The handcrafted center stream breaks up the loose shape of the bag and brings just a hint of structure, but not too much structure. I rarely stop and think about my need for a red handbag in my collection, this is one I would welcome with open arms and would carry for years to come. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1445.

Shannon Mahoney ON

2.11.10 IN

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The New Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit

When the new Louis Vuitton ad campaign staring Michelle Williams came out,
Valentino Handbags for Women, both the bags and Michelle were incredibly well-received. The standout bag of the bunch was a twist on a classic, the Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit. The new version seems to have lured in everyone, from the classic Louis Vuitton lovers to the skeptics, with its beautiful leather, softer sides and extremely elegant design.

The Louis Vuitton Lockit first appeared in 1958, and since its inception, there have been countless different versions. The newest rendition is the Soft Lockit, which features Veau Cachemire leather and comes in five color options for its first season: black,
Buy Cheap Valentino Replica Bags, bright Framboise,
Cheap Valentino Women’s flats, deep purple Quetsche, soft beige Galet or delicate Magnolia.

The bag includes nods to the original Lockit design, including a curved top and LV padlock on the side. This new take on the classic has a modern twist, though, and soft, supple, lightweight leather makes this bag perfect to be carried by hand or with the optional shoulder strap. The interior is just as luxurious as the exterior, with Veau Velours leather lining as well as a zip pocket and two smartphone pockets.

Last week, we saw both Reese Witherspoon and Karlie Kloss carry the bag, and our obsession grew to new heights. Now we have more information for you on this highly coveted bag that is sure to be a major object of desire.

You must be patient for now. The Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit may be on the arms of A-list models and celebrities, but it won’t be available to the public until June. The bag will be priced at $4,150, and you can purchase via Louis Vuitton online or call 866.VUITTON.

8 Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit in Black, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

8 Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit in Framboise, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

8 Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit in Quetsche, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

8 Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit in Magnolia, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

8 Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit in Galet, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

8 Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

8 Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

8 Karlie Kloss Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, $4,150 via Louis Vuitton

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PurseBlog Takes on Fashion is Night Out

What is Fashion’s Night Out, you ask? Bedlam. Chaos. Hundreds of people lining up to see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen only to be yelled at by a security guard who said that the event was closed. He also added that we, as spectators, were a fire hazard and we were all shepherded back down the escalators. That, my fellow friends and purse lovers, is the essence of Fashion’s Night Out.

Sure, the promoters say that it’s all about making shopping fun again, and that it is. But between you and me,
Valentino Shoes Outlet, more shoppers were hounding celebs and snapping up shots on their digital cameras than were forking over the plastic. I think I saw transactions taking place about three times, and one doesn’t count because my pal bought a Fashion’s Night Out tee shirt. Which, by the way, is extremely soft and comfortable.

That’s not to say that out night was a failure. Oh, it was quite the opposite. It was success, but a very different success than that which comes from receiving a good grade or finding the perfect pair of jeans. This was unexpected success- that satisfied feeling that comes after what you know has been a good, good night, even though you didn’t get the perfect shot of Victoria Beckham (I only got three pictures: one dark and two blurry).

Our night began at Ann Taylor, where we stopped unexpectedly and caught a glimpse of Stacy London dispensing crucial fashion advice to a crowd of admirers. We then made our way to Bergdorf Goodman, where we promptly set off the escalators in search of MKA, but as you know, that did not quite go as planned. On the way out, we encountered a massive crowd. Let’s call it a mob for simplicity’s sake. The difficulty was that the mob was between us and the door, and what made it more difficult to get through was that the mob was attracted by the icy fashionista Victoria Beckham.

But then we moved on to greener pastures, in this case, Henri Bendel, where I was able to meet Rita Overzat, CEO and founder of Beirn, the purse brand known for their wonderfully simple snakeskin hobos as well as Adriana Castro (pictured here).

Berin was doing a very special thing in honor of the night’s festivities: with any Beirn bag purchase, you could have your bag painted to suit your fancy by the brand’s artisan, all while you wait. Initials, designs, hearts, starts, you name it. How cool is that?

Upstairs I met with another name of exotic handbag fame, the beautiful Adriana Castro. She expressed her excitement at being in New York for this great event, and was featuring her newest venture of completely custom-made bags. Pick any style of bag she makes,
Valentino Red Women Shoes, then choose a skin and color and voilà! Your bag is ready for you, in a few weeks of course. Adriana also showcased a new twist on a fan favorite: a larger version of the Modish Clutch in a unique blue-jean stone wash. My dad has a stone wash croc belt, and I’m consequently always in awe of this wonderfully unexpected combination- it’s always understated yet sophisticated.

On to Coach on Madison, where awesome graffiti artist Pesu and Brooklyn illustrator Kiersten Essenpreis were installed to create one-of-a-kind designs on Coach’s limited-edition Fashion’s Night Out canvas tote. Pesu was doing some sedate but still splashy graffiti designs on his canvases, while Kiersten spun out dainty, whimsical designs reminiscent of those she has done for mags like Nylon and The New York Times Magazine.

Last but not least,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, we headed over to Miu Miu half a block away, where we heard that Alexa Chung was spinning for the night. Surprisingly, there was no mob here, and I was able to talk to the Alexa quite easily. The MTV star, who DJ’s a bit on the side,
Buy Cheap Valentino Replica Bags, said that her favorite handbag brand was Mulberry- is that any surprise to any of us? She also mentioned an up-and-coming Mulberry Alexa bag, so I suppose we can look forward to that!

And that concluded our night. It was hours walking in painfully high wooden Costume National shoes, but it was completely worth it. Especially because we passed right by Leighton Meester coming out of Bergdorf’s back entrance.

Anna Cooperberg ON

9.16.09 IN

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The 12 Best Gifts for Mom

Getting a gift for your mom can be tricky, no matter her age. You want to carefully straddle the line between luxury and practicality; I don’t know any moms who aren’t busy (my mom, who is retired and has two grown children, still never picks up her cell phone because she’s always out and about),
Valentino Red Women Shoes, and I also don’t know any who couldn’t use a little bit of a treat. Combining those two ideas is what makes the perfect gifts for mom.

Below, we’ve tried to pick a dozen gifts at different price points that would work for moms of nearly any age. They’re timeless, luxurious indulgences that will make your mom feel like a million bucks. I wish I owned most of them myself, and I don’t even have kids. If you’re looking for more bag ideas for moms, check out our 2013 Ultimate Bag Gift Guide.


David Yurman Women’s Classic 38mm Watch

$6,200 via Neiman Marcus


Fresh Sake Bath

$80 via Sephora


Gucci Lady Lock Tote

Cheap Valentino Women’s flats,350 via Neiman Marcus


Donna Karan Sleepwear Pintucked Cotton Sateen Pajama Set

$175 via Net-a-Porter


Anya Hindmarch Ebury Leather Tote

Valentino Shoes Replica,595 via Net-a-Porter


Morgan Collection Isle of Aran Throw

$895 via Barneys


Smythson Chameleon Large Zip-Around Wallet

$500 via Barneys


Coach Classic Long Trench

$498 via Coach


Isabel Marant Etoile Ifea Cardigan

$580 via Matches


Jade Jagger Diamond Arrow Head Ring

$282 via Matches

Slide 11 / 12

Kate Spade Festive Bubbles Scarf

$128 via Nordstrom

Slide 12 / 12

Tory Burch 54mm Sunglasses

$149 via Nordstrom

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Tee off with Alexander Wang

When you think of golf, what designers do you think of? I’m guessing that your mind probably went immediately to a company like Ralph Lauren or Lacoste, both of which go out of their way to associate themselves with the leisurely sport. If you’re super preppy, maybe you even thought of Lilly Pulitzer and her bright printed shorts. The last person on your mind (other than maybe Rick Owens) was likely Alexander Wang.

And yet, fans of the brand know that on his Spring 2012 runway, Wang was inspired by a number of athletic activities, and the golf influence among his bag designs was impossible to ignore. In fact, some of his handbags looked nearly big enough to hold an actual set of clubs, with the Alexander Wang Small Golf Bag providing an alternative that can actually be carried. The question is, though,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, would you carry it?

I would. I don’t know that I’d spend money on it,
Valentino Shoes for Women, but if one flew into my apartment through an open window,
Buy Cheap Valentino Replica Bags, I wouldn’t throw it back out. And in case you were wondering, there are bags that I would throw back out, lest their ugliness were to infect the rest of the bags in my collection. This bag isn’t ugly,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, though, it’s just a bit…non-traditional.

What we have here is essentially a backpack restructured with a few of the visual cues of a golf bag, but if you hadn’t seen the original, giant runway pieces, this smaller version might not immediately scream GOLF to you. The construction is interesting, as is the bag’s vented body, which is a more visually impactful take on now-omnipresent perforated leather. Don’t worry, though the bags are fully lined, so nothing you put in them will fall out. Would you rock this look? Buy through ShopBop for $985 in black and white.

Amanda Mull ON

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